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Jun 07, 2010 · I aim to show how Taylor’s argument, at key moments, draws both rhetorically and analytically on South African examples, and to explore that the ways the cross pressures of this encounter allow us to revisit some of the central concepts of A Secular Age—the “buffered self,” the “nova effect,” “immanence,” and “spiritual hunger Sources of the Self: The Making of the Modern Identity is a work of philosophy by Charles Taylor, published in 1989 by Harvard University Press.It is an attempt to articulate and to write a history of the "modern identity". David was buffered. He was most vulnerable (or porous) while he was listening to a story. Entertainment (whether fiction books, or movies, or documentaries, or whatever) is a tool through which the buffered self can become porous. It is our primary means of enchanting the disenchanted. Apr 01, 2018 · The non-buffered condition of the electrolyte is found based on its titration curve. This mode of the electrolyte is positioned exactly at its equivalence point, which is accomplished by adjusting the initial pH to the value of electrolyte equivalence point of the salt resulting from a strong acid and strong base (e.g. Li 2 SO 4) at high concentrations (>0.1 mol L −1).

Porous and Buffered: Reading A Secular Age | David Russell

Malaise of Immanence - the predicament of the buffered self Mar 01, 2011 The ‘Buffered Self’, Muslim-Christian Relations and the

A buffered self is the antithesis of a porous self and corresponds to the Age of Mobilization. A buffered self shows an ability to separate his or herself from their external surroundings. An example of someone displaying a buffered self would be a person who finds out that they have cancer but wills to fight it by separating him or herself

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