Sep 30, 2019

80 Eye-Opening Cyber Security Statistics for 2019 - Hashed To read the industry’s latest cyber security statistics (or “cybersecurity statistics” if you’d prefer), check out The Definitive Cyber Security Statistics Guide. This article is updated throughout the year to provide the most current data and informatio n, including cybersecurity statistics for 2019 and 2020. 24 Cybersecurity Statistics That Matter In 2020 - The Apr 22, 2020 Cyber crime in the UK - Office for National Statistics The year ending March 2016 is the first period for which cyber-related CSEW data are available as questions asking whether offences were cyber-related were not asked prior to this. The sources referred to above only cover England and Wales; we do not hold police recorded crime data or crime survey data covering the whole of the UK.

Nov 27, 2019

Cyber crime facts and statistics show that in 2018 Under Armor fell foul to cybercrime, as its “My Fitness Pal” product was targeted and successfully hacked by criminals. The breach saw 150 million user records being compromised. 23. 2019 saw a 9% rise in espionage against the US. Terrifying Cybercrime Statistics (2019) - Mar 12, 2019

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