How do I determine the physical location of an IP address?

Why isn’t a VPN hiding my real location? | TechRadar A website might use an IP and location from your initial visit, for instance. If you've logged in via a social media account, it may be able to obtain location-related profile details. IP Location - A Tool to check ip address location Ip Location a free online tool to check location of an IP address. you may enter upto 100 ips to know location of an IP address instantly. How You Can Find the IP Address of Any Website in Just a May 09, 2020 IP lookup - IP address locator - Find location of any IP

I am developing a project, that needs to store user location in my data base. I got the public IP address of that user. But I am unable to get the user location. I have tried several ways (from . obviously does not know what country that IP belongs to. – Antti Haapala Jul 10 '14 at 13:53 @AnttiHaapala,

Get User Location Using IP Address In PHP (May 2020) User data like location,ip address,host is sometimes necessary to get to know where your user come from what is his IP address and else. So, in this tutorial we will show you how to get user's complete location using users IP address in PHP with the help of GeoPlugin web service.You may also like get user address using PHP and google map api. Is my VPN Working? Here's How to Check if - PureVPN Blog

How To Trace Location Of A Person By Chatting on WhatsApp

Now let’s see how you can trace the location of a Facebook user using his IP Address and user-agent information.. Tracking Facebook user location. Now here comes the real pain, You have already done enough reconnaissance against the target Facebook user and now you have the ‘IP address’ and other details of that user.