Define. Definitions for "Court" There is usually a Court of some kind at every event. When our Baron or visiting Royalty hold court, they sit upon thier thrones, all the populace gathers in their best garb and listens to what the Nobility has to say, most often they give out awards.

Court, a person or body of persons having judicial authority to hear and resolve disputes in civil, criminal, ecclesiastical, or military cases. The word ‘court,’ which originally meant simply an enclosed place, also denotes the chamber, hall, building, or other place where judicial proceedings are held. Courtier | Definition of Courtier at Courtier definition, a person who is often in attendance at the court of a king or other royal personage. See more. Probate Court Definition - Jun 20, 2020

Jun 20, 2020

Supreme Court The Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States. Article III of the U.S. Constitution created the Supreme Court and authorized Congress to pass laws establishing a system of lower courts. In the federal court system’s present form, 94 district level trial courts and 13 courts of appeals sit below the Supreme Court. What is a Court? - FindLaw Jun 20, 2016

Nov 27, 2019

Competence and jurisdiction, in law, the authority of a court to deal with specific matters. Competence refers to the legal “ability” of a court to exert jurisdiction over a person or a “thing” (property) that is the subject of a suit. Jurisdiction, that which a competent court may exert, is the power to hear and determine a suit in court.. Jurisdiction also may be defined as an Prejudice | Wex | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute 1. In civil procedure, when a court dismisses a case “with prejudice,” it means that the court intends for that dismissal to be final in all courts, and that res judicata should bar that claim from being reasserted in another court. A dismissal “without prejudice” means the plaintiff is free to refile the claim in a different court. Use court in a sentence | court sentence examples