The Rugby World Cup alone, which runs through November, is expected to add $2 billion to the country’s economy. It’s also a smart branding option for Japanese firms with a regional and global

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Heineken Cup and Super Rugby. Eassentially, elite world club rugby is divided into two main camps The northern hemisphere - 24 teams in the "Heineken Cup" The southern hemisphere - 15 teams in "Super Rugby" The Heineken Cup is contested by teams drawn from several top tier competitions. It includes teams from England, Ireland, Scotland

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Sep 26, 2019 World Rugby Shop is your destination for exclusive rugby gear, rugby balls, rugby apparel, and rugby equipment. Shop World Rugby Shop now from the best selection in the USA. Is this the worst rugby team in the world? | Newshub A Scottish rugby team have been left red-faced after they were walloped 172-0. And to rub salt in the wound, the pitying referee blew the whistle on the game 20 minutes early.