How to Use / Open YouTube in Pakistan – Unblock Access. Ali 19/11/2012. Due anti-Islamic videos; YouTube was blocked by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) as per its largest resource of online videos data repository once can not deny its importance as per its usage and realistic need for working professional and students some may not

In these days is blocked by P.T.A (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) in pakistan many people wants to open in pakistan but they cant. because P.T.A blocked it but dear friends i have a way to open youtube in pakistan in this tutorial i will show you how to open youtube even P.T.A block it. so simply just play the Here Are 13 Pakistani Youtubers You Need To Binge Watch Mar 03, 2018 Has YouTube finally been unblocked? | The Express Tribune I just found out that Youtube got unblocked in Pakistan exactly 1 hour before Brit Awards. This was all fate! — Myra (@myra_tomlinson) February 25, 2015. YouTube is working. YouTube is working

Jul 23, 2020

open school in pakistan with sop's ||open a school in Jul 11, 2020 Google is Holding a YouTube Launch Event in Pakistan Sep 05, 2016

Nov 28, 2015

Aug 07, 2016 How to Unblock YouTube in Pakistan Through Google Chrome Jan 31, 2016