Apr 25, 2020 · The popular choice: Google Chrome Google Chrome continues to dominate the world of browsers. As of March 2020, Chrome held a dominating 63.77% of market share, according to Statista . It’s a good idea to target (and test) your designs using the two most recent versions of each of the most popular web browsers on desktop and laptop computers. At the time of this writing, the browsers in the following list were the most popular — and the ones best used to test and target your design: Chrome: Versions 7, 8, 9

May 10, 2013 · The 10 most important milestones in Web browser history From the Department of Defense to the audacious Chrome OS, the simple Web browser has evolved by leaps and bounds since the birth of the

The Most Popular Browsers. W3Schools has over 50 million monthly visits. From the statistics below (collected since 2002) you can read the long term trends of browser usage. Click on the browser names to see detailed browser information: The web browsers that are the most popular are Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safri and Opera. An academic in Ireland sought to determine the differences in some of the most popular browsers and learned that the most used browsers aren’t the most secure. Swipe to close Video Player is A version for the Macintosh was developed by Aleks Totic and released a few months later, making Mosaic the first browser with cross-platform support. Mosaic introduced support for sound, video clips, forms support, bookmarks, and history files, and quickly became the most popular non-commercial web browser.

Nov 08, 2019 · Most of these popular internet browsers come with the quintessential features of user data security, though the Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and MS Internet Explorer (& Edge) are the most secure Web Browsers according to the studies conducted by security agencies like Accuvant Labs, Sandbox, SunSpider, etc.

7 Best Web Browsers for Mac OS in 2020 - TechWorm The next insanely popular Web browser on the list is “Google Chrome“. Google Chrome is the most widely used Web browser on the internet with over billions of users worldwide. This Web browser uses the Blink engine which is written in C++, and the majority of its source code is available through the open-source project Chromium. Top 5 Most Popular Desktop Browsers in 2018 | by Sarah May 10, 2018