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An individual does not have to be bedridden to be confined to the home. According to Medicare, a patient is considered confined to the home if his or her condition creates a “normal inability Confide | Definition of Confide by Oxford Dictionary on ‘Mum confided in me that she would like to send him to University in England but a single year would cost tens of thousands of dollars and would necessitate selling the house.’ ‘But friends were aware there were problems in the relationship, and he confided in them when he left his wife just weeks into the marriage.’ A co-worker confided in me that she practices witchcraft Witchcraft or Wicca is a form of Nature worship and prayers/spells to ask a higher power (or several) to aid in creating a wanted outcome. If you break down most faiths, there is a spiritual connection to the world around us built-in. Witches take

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Well, to confide in someone is to tell someone something, so basically it means told. confide | meaning of confide in Longman Dictionary of • Sien confided in him for once, and the scheme to start another quarrel backfired. • The two women began to laugh, and Joyce confided in Lois that her friend Margaret was just the worst. • The teen, he confided, plans to take a public position on children. • She had confided she was in love with some one else, but he didn't believe her. Use confide in a sentence | confide definition

A co-worker confided in me that she practices witchcraft

confined: 1 adj being in captivity Synonyms: captive , imprisoned , jailed unfree hampered and not free; not able to act at will adj not free to move about Synonyms: claustrophobic uncomfortably closed or hemmed in close , confining crowded homebound , housebound , shut-in confined usually by illness pent , shut up closely confined snowbound