You may not want to see the little preview of text messages that turn up on your home screen when a new text (SMS) message comes in. To turn this off, head to your iPhone settings and go to: iOS 7/8 UPDATE: Turn off text message, SMS and iMessage previews in alerts, banners and Notification Center with the following setting:

Scroll down to the section "Applications" and then tap on the button "Messages". In the next menu scroll down a bit and then taps the entry "Notifications". In the next menu you now see as the last option "Message Preview". Remove the check mark in the checkbox to hide the preview of received SMS messages in the status bar and on the lock screen. Turn on / off text message preview on homescreen If you would to see a preview of text messages appear on your homescreen or lock screen as they come in, then open your Messaging App. Then press the menu button and select Settings. Then scroll right to the bottom and under Notification settings, untick Preview message Nov 13, 2017 · In MIUI phones like Redmi Note 4, hiding sensitive content from lock screen notification is not provided as an option by default. But you can achieve private notifications by following some simple methods. Usually when you get a WhatsApp or Facebook notification, the Android lock screen will display a preview of the message in it. Mar 18, 2016 · The message preview area in Mail shows the contents of the selected message. In El Capitan (10.11) the preview pane is shown to the right of the message list. In the earlier OS (or if the classic mode is enabled in El Capitan) the preview pane is shown below the message list. To hide preview pane: In El Capitan Move your cursor to the divider Nov 08, 2017 · How to Preview Content on Note 8 or Hide Message Preview: First of all, turn on your Note 8; On the top right side of the screen, select on MORE; Tap on Settings; Then, tap on Notifications; Select on the Pop-up Display to disable it. You can also disable message previews on lock screen of Samsung Note 8. Feel free to customize it so only the Sep 04, 2015 · Note that when you hide previews, you can no longer reply to the message from the lock screen, even if that option is enabled. This makes sense because how can you reply to a message you can’t see? Show on Lock Screen. For those who want more privacy and security, you can also go to Notifications – Messages again and turn off a couple of

Jan 21, 2016 · Why to hide notification previews from the Lock screen. Whenever you put your iOS device down somewhere, or leave it in a purse somewhere, all it takes is a button press, whether you have a passcode or not, to see who might be messaging you on Facebook and a rather chunky preview of what they’re saying to you.

Other than message preview on the notification bar, there is also the option to see a preveiw of received text messages on the lock screen of Galaxy Note 3. To disable/enable message preview on the lock screen, do as follows: 1. Open Messaging app. 2. Press Menu Button, go to Settings, and move to More tab. 3. Quick Note: THIS APP WORKS ONLY ON KITKAT. REVERT PERSONAL MESSAGE LOCKSCREEN TO NORMAL BEFORE UPDATING TO LOLLIPOP. This App is intended to be used on Kitkat with limited functionality on Lollipop. It doesn't work on higher versions than lollipop. a. This application is for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which may also be used on Samsung Galaxy S5. b. Don't express your hate for ADs in reviews. It's Here's how to turn text message notifications for your Android smartphone on or off via the Messaging app.

Jan 19, 2020 · Scroll down and select Hide preview text under Message Preview Text. Now you will only see the message subject, and you will have to select it to load and read the message. How to Turn Off the Preview Reading Pane in Outlook

Here's how to turn text message notifications for your Android smartphone on or off via the Messaging app. Apr 25, 2020 · Facebook's archive feature hides messages from your inbox. The archived messages move to a hidden folder, which you can access at any time. A new message from the same friend will pop the whole conversation back to your inbox, so don't rely on it to hide an ongoing conversation. Jan 30, 2017 · The first option to hide your number on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is to use the ‘Settings’ menu, available from the main screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Once in this menu, you can go to the ‘Calls’ submenu, then ‘Additional settings’ or ‘Advanced settings’. Oct 01, 2013 · Handcent has this exact option. Under settings -> notification settings -> notification settings you can check or uncheck privacy mode. Without privacy it shows there is a message and most of the message (depending on the length) with privacy enabled it just shows there is a message (may show from whom, I only used it once and did not like it). I have the same problem but the sm-910p (sprint) DOES NOT HAVE MESSAGE CENTER option. And I am in Argentina and no sprint here. Is there any hidden configuration to get that working ? I can send and receive call's. I can receive messages. But I can't send messages. Jul 09, 2020 · Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the computer via USB cable and run the software. Let the program to detect your Note 4 and click “Start Scan” when it is done. The program will scan Note 4 for lost files. After that, all found data will be displayed by categories. You can preview the recoverable data in detail and click “Recover Jul 14, 2020 · Also Read: Android Emulator for Windows 10 #4. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos Android App. Vault-Hide, the name of this app tell all, Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos is a vault that can hide your messages, pictures, and videos and other things.