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Why does choosing different servers on gives I like your question and moreover I like you testing your speed on different servers. This is the real internet we live in. Packet loss, congested paths, longer routes. If you really want to test your “internet” speed then always try a server loca NorthState Speed Test | Internet Running Slow? | 10Gbps Server: Ping. ms. Jitter. ms. Download. Mbps. Upload. Mbps. HOW TO SPEEDTEST. One of the most common mistakes when running a NorthState Speed Test is to run the test over WiFi – this is not a true measure of your Internet speed! For testing true internet speed it is best to connect your device directly to the router via Ethernet cable FRA1 Speedtest | DigitalOcean

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Jul 16, 2020

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3 Best DNS Benchmarking Tools To Find the Fastest DNS Server The best thing about this software is that unlike other software which just shows the response time, DNS Benchmark gives you some extensive data like minimum response time, average response time, maximum response time, the standard deviation of each DNS Server, and their reliability.