2 days ago · Virgin Media on the other hand are claiming their speeds are 5x what we're getting with a BT line, but their reviews are pretty dire. Does anyone have Virgin Media broadband and is it okay? I don't want to tie us into an 18 month contract with a slow line if there's a quicker one available.

Oct 11, 2012 · One of the most common internet problems is a slow internet. This problem you can have with any internet provider, so it is not a Virgin Media specific problem. So what can you do to if you are dealing with connection or performance problems when you have Virgin Media as provider. My experience with Virgin media has actually been very good. Broadband and TV have never failed once in over a year now. The TV box is a bit buggy AND can be slow navigating menus ETC but it does work well. Positive experience and for me customer service was not really an issue as I did nt need to contact for faults etc Apr 18, 2007 · Is anyone else having problems with a very slow internet connection with Virgin Media? We have the 10meg package but it is slower at the moment than years ago when we had dial up. It's been like this for the last two days. I am in Hertfordshire. Apr 27, 2020 · Virgin Media customers are experiencing slow or no broadband with thousands struggling to get online across the UK. The issues are affecting people in all parts of the country with users reporting Last Updated a minute ago: Virgin Media offers mobile phone, television, broadband internet and phone service over the cable network. Virgin Media is part of NTL:Telewest. Virgin's mobile service is available under the Virgin Mobile brand, which operates as a mobile virtual network operator using the T-Mobile and Orange networks. However on @RTEplayer a Virgin Media ad came up during which yer wan says 'OK Google, play some music', our (1/4) 2020-07-20 19:18:55 @FeSivelli @VirginMediaIE I’ve been with very unstable internet all day and now down for an hour, contact the support and didn’t help.

If you’re still experiencing slow speeds with your Virgin Media Business broadband service after following the online guidance, please contact our Customer Care team. Virgin Media invests more than £1 billion a year in its ultrafast network.

Jun 25, 2020 · The reason why your broadband internet connection is not working or slow varies depending on your broadband Internet Service Provider(ISP) and setup. We have compiled this guide with some troubleshooting steps to resolve the most common faults that could cause your broadband internet connection to stop working or run slow.

My Virgin Media is also very slow tonight, and connection keeps on … My Virgin Media is also very slow tonight, and connection keeps on dropping more than usual Read less Read more. 220mb here, most people around me are on dsl so cable is quick.

Hello, I bought a new Samsung Netbook last summer and use it just for email and internet browsing. I do not use any Microsoft Read more on Netmums Virgin Media Ireland July 14 at 6:00 AM We’ve gone all factor 50 to bring you the greatest moments from 5 ye ars of Love Island 😎 Dive in with All The Dramz 🏖️ Monday at 9pm on Virgin Media One. Mar 07, 2020 · I tried to connect the old modem up after I realised the new hub was slow and crap, everything is the same apart from I got the new hub to replace the old modem, slow most of the day, the engineer tried his phone on wireless and it was brining pages right up quicker than my pc was, but I have the pc on a wireless usb stick but its not faster, I don't have a virus I haven't downloaded anything Oct 19, 2011 · Hi, I have windows 7 utimate 32 bit, I use virgin media internet service. ok here is my problem of the connection speed . I have a really slow internet connection at around 11pm every night, it happend few weeks ago, first time it was said DNS not responding, and second time as well. Sep 23, 2016 · Over the last couple of months Virgin Media internet has been really really slow, especially at peak times, from 4 - 11pm I get around 1MB or 0.5MB. I can hardly doing anything. I have complained 20+ times and they have reduced my bill and given me credit, but to be honest it is no longer worth it. Tried downloading 200mb file it takes 10 min. Looks very much like pre-agreed test areas virgin sends to are fast but normal downloads are slow. Luckily I now live near to a video shop and I know longer play online games, so am going to downgrade my service to slowest and not bother with speed from virgin. They don’t just slow down your computer; they are also likely to slow down your entire broadband speed, too. If your computer struggles with even simple operations, get some security software (like our free Virgin Media Security) and scan your computer.